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Downtown Jonesboro: A Place to Call Home.

Ted Herget has a vision. After starting out small, he now owns one of the most successful outdoor lifestyle businesses in Arkansas. He’s also been a Downtowner for 14 years. Ted and his wife Amanda have built a living by providing people with an exceptional shopping experience to promote healthy lifestyles. Now, he’s making a space for them to live.

Construction has been underway for the past couple of months over on this particular area of Cate Street, which will house 13 new lofts for students relocating to the region, or families looking to live the Main Street lifestyle.  Ted and his crew have had a big vision since moving to Downtown Jonesboro in 2003 to enhance the area, and they’re just getting started. In between managing his development projects and Gearhead Outfitters, we were able to sit down with Ted and dive deep into his Cate Street vision.

Tell us about your loft development off East Street. I recognized the need of more residential space in downtown. There was definitely a demand, but not enough supply. With the lofts we have now, they always stay full. The lofts are something I have always envisioned Main Street having. You have to have heads in beds to enhance your vibrancy of downtown, that’s the simple facts. Newell Design drew up what you see now, which is thirteen two-story lofts, eleven of them are two bed, two bath, and two are one bedroom, one bath. Probably the best aspect of these lofts is that each one has its own garage. That is something everyone downtown wants! You identify the need of people wanting to live downtown, simple supply and demand. The lofts downtown have an incredibly high occupancy rate already, so it’s definitely something we need more of.

How many lofts do you anticipate to create from this project? 13 right off East street, close to the entertainment district. We’ve also broken ground on Oak recently, where 11 more will begin construction soon.


You seem to have a lot of vested interest in downtown areas. What draws you to Main Street communities? Their uniqueness. Downtowns have so much history attached to them; it’s hard to not want to be around that. The stories that come with them, the stories that have resided inside the buildings for decades. I’ve always been drawn to the place where a community got started, and downtowns are those places.

What is the most rewarding part about developing a residential area? Infill development is very interesting to me, it’s taking a place that needs new life breathed into it and making it the absolute best it can be. It’s a cool return on the investment for the community by properly rehabbing an empty space, and it puts heads in beds. The creative corridor we have in Downtown Jonesboro is a prime area to start expanding off of and build houses for families looking to live, and I immediately sought out the Cate Street area. Having traveled to Bentonville quite frequently, I was inspired by a really cool project I saw in their community. I’m always driving up there to see what they’re doing next, to learn. Always learning.

Do you have more projects coming up for Downtown Jonesboro in 2017? Absolutely. I’m working on the dog park that will be located on Cate Street, and we’re building more townhouses to sell in the spring of 2018. Downtown Jonesboro is just full of opportunities.

With his eyes set on continued downtown development, Ted has a big vision for Main Street in the next coming years. Ted’s residential project is just one of three big developments happening right now; twenty-nine new lofts are slated to be completed in the Spring of 2017. That’s five at 411 Union, and eleven at 222 Union inside the old Massanelli Cleaner’s building. With an increasing trend of families and young adults looking to move to more urban, well connected areas, Ted is optimistic about where downtown is positioned for the next couple of years. “Downtown Jonesboro has tons of great things happening right now. I’m just glad to play a part in the revitalization of it.”

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KAIT8 Feature: 411 Union


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