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A-State & Downtown Mural Collaboration Launches

PRESS RELEASE: A-State & Downtown Mural Collaboration Launches

JONESBORO, AR | June 2nd, 2016 –A brand new mural project has kicked off in Downtown Jonesboro.

On Tuesday, May 31st, 2016, spray painted grid lines could be seen at 209 Union Street, right on the intersection of Burke and Union. The downtown public art project will be created by the Arkansas State University Fine Arts department’s students over the course of the next four weeks. This marks the first time Downtown Jonesboro has ever collaborated with A-State Fine Arts students for a downtown art project. Read More…

Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our new website, Downtowners!

We are so excited to launch this new platform to help you navigate all that downtown Jonesboro has to offer! Enjoy a delicious meal at one of our unique restaurants or food trucks after perusing local shops and boutiques. Downtown Jonesboro is at the heart of commerce, culture, and community in Northeast Arkansas. Read More…

Downtown is Family

Downtown Jonesboro is more than a location; it is a family.

Kori Garner and her husband run Partovi’s Gyros and Falafels in Downtown Jonesboro. When Kori’s home was incinerated last year, the Downtown Jonesboro community supported and provided for her. She lost everything. Except her pots and pans, because Fire Marshal Jason Wills rescued them for her. He, like the rest of the people Downtown, loves her cooking. We sat down to talk to them about that night. Read More…

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